Transporting twelve life-sized bronze horses

Camden LockTwelve incredible bronze statues have had an interesting history. They were all recently removed from the world-famous Camden Lock Market. From its beginnings in 1974 as a temporary market on the Regent’s Canal, Camden Lock has grown to become the 4th most popular visitor attraction in London attracting around 100,000 people each weekend. The statues were all originally commissioned in the early 1990’s as fixtures for the Old Stables indoor market hall which spans 3 storeys.

They include detailed figures of a groom leading two dray horses and a cart, a monumental bronze figure of a blacksmith at his forge, and a farrier shoeing a horse.

Auctioned by Summer’s Place Auctions as part of their Garden, Design and Natural History sale in October, the bronze statues will start a new phase of their life in the US. They have now begun their journey overseas, bound for Dallas.

How Alban Shipping devised the best packing and shipping solution

When initially discussing the requirements of transportation with the client, all factors including dimensions, weight, and material were taken into consideration. Each of the statues was initially placed on a bespoke pallet structure. Straps were made to secure the statues firmly to the pallets. Foam pads were also used to prevent any abrasion of the straps against the bronze. Selected items were packed into wooden crates and the packages were then secured with strapping and blocks within the sea freight containers to ensure no movement during transit. In total, three 40ft sea freight containers were used to transport the items which will arrive in the USA in December.