Lower your carbon footprint with a reusable crate

Savings for you and your clients

As specialist shippers to many National and International auction houses these cases can be used for collection and delivery for artworks pre and after sale. It will offer to your clients a sense of professionalism in so far as the artwork is being crated, offering a high level of protection with security seals. The cases can be opened simply with catches, the artwork removed for inspection, and the packaging crate taken away.

Our costing is simple: knowing that the crate can be reused, Alban shipping will charge a percentage of the delivery charge to cover the crate costs. This will make substantial savings to you and your client.

Improving Sustainability

Single-use packaging is often discarded when artwork is moved, so with Alban Shipping’s bespoke reusable artwork crates, less plastic, foam and timber goes to landfill.

Our multi use crates have been designed to secure artworks of various sizes within the same crate, enable us to reduce our carbon footprint. By using the crate to transport your artwork within the UK & Europe on our own vehicles, it offers additional security and no need for the client to dispose of unwanted packaging.

Contact Alban Shipping today to discuss how our reusable crates can benefit your business, improve your carbon footprint, and save you money.

eco friendly reusable packing crate
Our cases can be opened simply with catches, allowing for easy inspection of the artwork inside the case.

Reusable Crates: Available in a Range of Different Sizes

We manufacture a range of reusable crates from small to large, allowing our clients to transport and store artwork of all sizes. 

resuable crates in different sizes

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