Logistics at Alban Shipping: Alex Mason

Alex MasonAlex joined Alban Shipping 15 months ago. Having worked for a UK courier company for many years, he was the perfect candidate to manage the complex scheduling of vehicles, staff, shipments and routes.

His logistics remit involves 6 vehicles, a large team of experienced art handlers, and a complex network of routes throughout the UK, and Europe. As Alex explains “Good geographical knowledge is essential for this role. It’s also important to understand the drivers’ capabilities and all the legalities involved in transporting a mix of fragile, high value or unwieldy items.” Alex works closely with the office team and liaises with clients to keep them updated about their shipments. He plans routes which ensure items are collected and delivered as efficiently as possible. As Alex sums up “It’s not always an easy job but it’s very rewarding when it all goes to plan!”

Alex is pictured winning his award for best Christmas jumper!