Easter Eggs from Alban Shipping

Our Easter promotion has been enthusiastically received by our customers. A bespoke Easter egg box/crate was specially crafted to house a chocolate egg and ‘goodies’ including an Alban Shipping notepad and pen.

Our wonderful thank-you comments include:

‘a very thoughtful gift and we’re very impressed with the design of the packaging!’
‘I can honestly say it is the most exciting (or eggciting!) thing I have ever received in the post!’
‘Love the packaging and the thought that has gone into this!’
‘I was thrilled to receive my crate. The whole thing is absolutely brilliant. I know you all put a lot of effort into it and, you can rest assured, it was worth it, 100%. I love the pad on the pallet, which has taken pride of place on my desk.’

Great packaging………and not one broken egg!