Pete Waterman’s Train & Dreweatts Sale

Pop impresario Pete Waterman is set to auction off £1 million worth of his model train collection on 16th April. Earlier this month, Alban Shipping transported the collection to Mallett of Mayfair and set up 56 of the finest scratch-built models ever made on custom plinths made by sister company Alban Cases.

Pete is best known for his impact on the music industry, but trains and locomotives have been a lifelong passion and he has devoted more than 50 years to creating his collection and patronising some of the biggest names in model-making, including David Aitken. His unique collection is one of the finest to ever come up for sale. You can read more about the sale by specialist auctioneers Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions here, including why Waterman needs to sell off the collection.

Packing and transporting the models

Packing Pete Waterman's train

Alban Shipping created custom wooden cases for the valuable and detailed models, some of which are set to fetch as much as £120,000-£150,000 at the auction. Expert case-maker Robert commented: “It was important to secure each of the models inside the case, so we added custom rails and padded batons.” He added: “Dreweatts also needed to display the models impactfully at the Mayfair showroom so we also built and painted plinths for each of the trains.” A crew of 6 experienced art and antique handlers were ready to transport the models to Mallett and complete the eye-catching installation with the aid of specialist platforms and pump trucks. Alban Shipping Director Andrew Jackman said “Our teams are trained not only to take the utmost care with the items they handle, but also when they are working in historic and ornate venues such as Mallett.”

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