We Move Exhibitions Too

Whether you are planning a European exhibition or a one-off tradeshow in China, we have the equipment and experience to make it happen.

The Fashion and Textile Museum exhibit that Alban Shipping moved to Sweden

Part of the Fashion and Textile exhibition“Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood”

Part of the Fashion and Textile exhibitionWe have just moved the Fashion and Textile Museum’s Autumn exhibition to its new residence in Falkenberg, Sweden.

The exhibition features over 150 iconic vintage fashion pieces from across the 20th Century. Pieces include rare 1920’s Chanel cardigan suits, 1930’s swimwear and conceptual garments from fashion greats such as Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garcons and Julien MacDonald.

Alban Shipping’s Role

Our lead art-handler John Carrington has worked at Alban Shipping for the last 8 years and commented: “When we move exhibitions, the client’s most important concerns are the time pressures and the fragility of the items. They need to feel confident that the exhibition can open in a new city on the date that’s been advertised.” He added, “It’s important to them that they’re working with a shipping company that’s used to moving a large number of delicate items around. Pieces like these would obviously be impossible to replace if they got damaged. We handle pieces like this every week and it’s what we’re trained to do.”

The variety of delicate fabrics required specialist packaging, all of which was provided by Alban Shipping. This included acid-free boxes to maintain the correct atmospheric pH balance, as well as wooden crates to protect the whole shipment. Transportation to Falkenberg was undertaken on Alban Shipping’s consolidated European vehicle service, with a team of experienced art and antique handlers. The containers, meanwhile, were disassembled by four Alban personnel and transported into storage in Yorkshire.

Fashion and Textile exhibition

Fashion and Textile exhibition

As John points out “Each and every job we do here is very different, from the more complex international consignments like this one, through to transporting an antique vase from an auction house to a collector. Our office team is very experienced at translating the customer’s requirements into how many people we need to make it happen and what sort of materials we will need.”

Logistics at Alban Shipping: Alex Mason

Alex Mason

Alex MasonAlex joined Alban Shipping 15 months ago. Having worked for a UK courier company for many years, he was the perfect candidate to manage the complex scheduling of vehicles, staff, shipments and routes.

His logistics remit involves 6 vehicles, a large team of experienced art handlers, and a complex network of routes throughout the UK, and Europe. As Alex explains “Good geographical knowledge is essential for this role. It’s also important to understand the drivers’ capabilities and all the legalities involved in transporting a mix of fragile, high value or unwieldy items.” Alex works closely with the office team and liaises with clients to keep them updated about their shipments. He plans routes which ensure items are collected and delivered as efficiently as possible. As Alex sums up “It’s not always an easy job but it’s very rewarding when it all goes to plan!”

Alex is pictured winning his award for best Christmas jumper!

Our first-rate storage facilities

Montage showing storage facilities

If your items need to be stored, you need at the very least to be confident of the best security and competitive rates. Our modern warehouse facility is MLA-approved for works of art and covered by the Government Indemnity Scheme. It combines strong physical security, intruder and fire protection systems, and continuous monitoring.

Other factors may well be important to you too, depending on the type of items you are storing:

Montage showing storage facilities

Long or Short Term Storage

We have sealed, wooden containers, ideal for longer-term storage situations. Metal, containerised and caged storage, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to take items out during the storage period while still maintaining high security.

Climate-Controlled Space

This provides protection from heat, cold and humidity and is important for sensitive or fragile works of art and antiques, particularly when stored for a longer period.

Duty and VAT Free Facilities

Our bonded warehouse has HM Revenue and Customs approval so that goods liable to excise duty are exempt while they are stored with us.

Experienced Art Handlers

We have personnel onsite at our storage facility who are expert in receiving and unpacking fine art using specialist equipment, and reporting on its condition.

Transporting twelve life-sized bronze horses

One of the 12 bronze horses being packed for Summer House Auctions

Camden LockTwelve incredible bronze statues have had an interesting history. They were all recently removed from the world-famous Camden Lock Market. From its beginnings in 1974 as a temporary market on the Regent’s Canal, Camden Lock has grown to become the 4th most popular visitor attraction in London attracting around 100,000 people each weekend. The statues were all originally commissioned in the early 1990’s as fixtures for the Old Stables indoor market hall which spans 3 storeys.

They include detailed figures of a groom leading two dray horses and a cart, a monumental bronze figure of a blacksmith at his forge, and a farrier shoeing a horse.

Auctioned by Summer’s Place Auctions as part of their Garden, Design and Natural History sale in October, the bronze statues will start a new phase of their life in the US. They have now begun their journey overseas, bound for Dallas.

How Alban Shipping devised the best packing and shipping solution

When initially discussing the requirements of transportation with the client, all factors including dimensions, weight, and material were taken into consideration. Each of the statues was initially placed on a bespoke pallet structure. Straps were made to secure the statues firmly to the pallets. Foam pads were also used to prevent any abrasion of the straps against the bronze. Selected items were packed into wooden crates and the packages were then secured with strapping and blocks within the sea freight containers to ensure no movement during transit. In total, three 40ft sea freight containers were used to transport the items which will arrive in the USA in December.