An exceptionally rare ChineseVase

An exceptionally rare Chinese Imperial Turquoise Glass Bottle Vase – Qianlong dated 1757.

Rare blue glass bottle Chinese vase
Rare blue glass bottle Chinese vase

This very rare, turquoise glass vase is being exhibited at the Asian Art Auction at Woolley & Wallis on 16th May with an estimated value of £100,000 – £150,000. It has two poems inscribed on either side.

One poem reads: ‘The clouds loom after the snow; among ten thousand miles of silence, a loud noise hits the ground. I can hear the female deity pushing the vehicle of thunder, and the rain starts pouring down’.

The other poem reads: ‘Fan Li (a Chinese merchant who later became the advisor to the King of Yue) travels on lake Tai. The snow covers the bank; the sky is clear and the lake tranquil. The three scholars (Yang Weizheng, Lu Juren and Qian Weishan of the Yan dynasty) are no longer present and the senior official is wise and reliable’ (the senior official probably refers to Qu Yuan, a poet and minister during the Warring States period).

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